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My "ideal" bibliography is full of titles I cannot find locally. How can I procure such hard-to-find books?

There are several ways:

1. Check the availability of the book in local libraries.
Biblioteca Judeteana Maramures has its catalogue searchable online, here

2. Try the academic libraries in nearby Cluj:

3. Try an inter-library loan (imprumut interbibliotecar).
Now that Romania is a EU member state, international library loans are becoming easier to establish and faster to get. To start such a procedure, you need to fill in a form with the staff of the Biblioteca Judeteana or UNBM Library.

Remember that this may take several weeks, or even months to get the book.

4. Buy the book yourself from an international library. Now it is possible to buy books on the internet, on condition that you have an online card. Most banks now have on offer such cards. However, remember that they take about 3 weeks to be issued. Some independent info about internet banking can be found on

If you're in a hurry, you may of course, have someone use their card for you.

As for the online shop, the best place to start is of course, Still, better check first in UK, as shipping from UK is far cheaper. You should consider about 13-15 euros as shipping fees (postal taxes) per package. Hence it makes sense to either order several books at once, or order together with several colleagues.

5. (Added 12 June 08): The travelling bookseller from Hungary who exhibited books for sale for two days in May has promised to come back in October or November with more books. As he is actually the representative of a large bookstore chain from Budapest, you may view their offer on the internet here, at They bring every possible book from major western publishers. Their advantage: transport costs are low, you pay just a Budapest-Baia Mare tariff. If more people order together, then I was told that thre transport costs will tend to zero.

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